Our Services

We provide various services to our client. Our company is focused for providing SPM's and Retrofitting Services to our customers. These services reduce the power consumption and improve the production capacity. By providing better quality of the product, these services achieve better distribution of the product. The services which we are offering, are satisfying the exact requirements of the customers using high-level technology.


Machine maintenance is a continuous process. Machine maintenance is an importance task and it must be done regularly. If not done regularly then it affects reliability of machine and quality of output product. Regular and effective Machine maintenance improves consistency and quality of output.


Designing is key element of SPM's, retrofitting and automation process. Machine tool design is prepared according to design of product. We emphasize sophisticated design which helps to manufacture good quality products. Our expert designers help to understand requirement of Customer and improves the performance of the machine.


We believe in optimum performance of every machine we design and develop. Aaditech is a leading manufacturer of SPM's and automated machines. Aaditech presents its premium products which will open customers mind to customization of machine tools. Our production process of retrofitting helps machines to deliver high performance.


Machine installation is very important step. SPM's and automated machines are machines that make industrial components without human assistance. Installation of such machines can take as long as a day, but many automated machines are capable of being used very soon after being installed, maximizing profitability.


In business for many years, Aaditech are one of the best retrofitting and automation company.We specialize in SPM's, retrofitting of machines, so our extensive experience can assist you in modifying already existing machine tools. We have service department with experts, offering installation, repairs, modification of old machines, and provide expert CNC operation and training.


Aaditech aims to achieve best quality and reliability of performance of all machines through a systematic approach that signifies quality at every step of product development through retrofitting. Every machine dispatch of Aaditech is gone through a series of quality assurance tests before leaving the plant.