Be the personality
you have always
dream to be.

Your image isn't
what you think of
you, it's what others
think of you. Make
sure it's good.

There are things more
seductive than Fashion,
Character, Confidence
& Class are few of them.

The best brand
you can ever
invest in is you !


About Shreya Shah

SHREYA SHAH IMAGE CONSULTANCY is an ‘umbrella’ term given to all the wide range of services we offer as the profession itself demands the person to wear a new hat every other day. We strive hard to meet your demands in the best possible way with the philosophy of ‘quality overcomes quantity’.

Professional Image Consulting

We are a team of professional image consultants working to advise individuals and companies on all aspects of personal appearance and how to make an impact. We can make you or your company look respectable. Our members counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette and international protocol. As experts of image consulting, our team members guide clients to achieve their specific goals. Our image consulting company provides continuing education classes for image consultants.



Mrs. Maharashtra Empress Of Maharashtra 2019

That has its grand final on 8th Dec. 2019. She conducted a meaningful & informative session "ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE" which all out 50 finalists benefitted from ! She also an insightful graphologist Shreya - My best for Success !

Credit Suisse

Corporate Gifting

Shreya is Very Hardworking,Talented & Dedicated Artist. The Cards Made By her were a True Display Of Art & Skills. In the Age Of Printed Cards,Shreya Manages to weave the Magic with her Hand Crafted Cards at Real Affordable Prices.

Jinali Parikh

We Rock Your Show !

Anchoring is one of the most important thing in any social events... As half of the event depends on how good and amusing the anchor is Your anchoring was totally presentable and imposing Shreya Shah.